First a Big Thank You to everyone who is a Site Sponsor!
It it Spring and time for me to ask for your help supporting the site.
Everyone who donates through the end of the month will be entered into a drawing for a prize package.
I am also including those who have donated for the last 60 days – thank you!
It will keep growing as sponsors add to the pile and one person will take all…
1. SeaTow 1 year membership good for new an renewing members!
2. Tyler Oden with Ameris dropped off a swag bag with tumblers, a visor and more.
3. There are a few Redfish koozies
4. A Blair Wiggins 3000 Combo
5. Decals in white and black & The hat in the color of your choice.
A lot of you update your sponsor status regularly and a number of you send more than the suggested $10  You guys know this is a labor of love. I took over the site from Tom a few years ago because I enjoy it just like y’all. Most all of the money coming in goes right back to the site hosting and maintenance. I’d appreciate anything you can send. Small amounts from a lot of people make a big difference!  You can donate with a credit card through Paypal or mail a check.
Info is here: include your screen name with any email or letter!