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Best spinning reels for 2018

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Re: Best spinning reels for 2018

Postby GaryDroze » May 15th, 2018, 7:48 pm

I have never paid more than $80 for a spinning reel, and I beat the crap out of mine while kayak and wadefishing through tidal creek mud hell. Okuma is my go-to cheap-as# spinning reel brand. The model does not matter as long as it costs at least 50 bucks (to get past the non-sealed ones). I replace them about every 3 years.
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Re: Best spinning reels for 2018

Postby rockyg » May 15th, 2018, 8:55 pm

I buy all the latest rods and reels in near perfect lightly used condition from a couple of forum members at a price that I can justify. Luckily their taste in gear is similar to mine. My latest purchase of several Shimano Stradics has proven to me that those reels are bad azz and worth every penny.
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Re: Best spinning reels for 2018

Postby dombern34 » May 16th, 2018, 7:22 am

Salty Gator wrote:
dombern34 wrote:I'm a big fan of the 13 fishing line up. I use them for both fresh and saltwater. these are the C's and I have the A's for salt. granted I still have the Ci4's in spinning because 13 didn't come out with a higher end spinning reel until just recently.

I've casted the concept Z (the no bearing reel) and it's pretty dang sweet. just wish it came in a different color but I'm sure I can find a way to match it to a rod..

Never heard of them. What’s the deal? American made? They ( spinners) didn’t have weights published, are they light? The prototype x looks pretty neat. Who sells them? Who services for you?

David, they've been out for a few years now! Made in Korea actually but, they're hands down the best reel I've own to date. I've owned a lot over the years and have been happy ever since. these are the concept C's I got them from a place over in Alabama they gave me a deal on all 9 when I bought them. they are very light and have about 22lb's of drag so they're impressive. haven't had to service these yet, they're still performing they same as they did when they came out of the box! when it comes down to spinning I haven't found a reel to beat out the shimano. haven't tried their new spinning reel that 13 came out with yet but, if they're up to standards then i'll probably give them a go this coming year. they just came out with that reel at ICAST I do own the OWN3 Creed and it's about average. 8.5 the Ci4 is 6.7 (3000 for both) Prototype X isn't releasing it's full specs yet but like you said, it looks good and I'm excited to see what it's about.

Apalachee Inshore wrote:Rod and reel colors have to match??

yes sir, I tend to like picking up the same reel when switching up different applications. especially if you're skipping docks or blow downs. not all reels throw the same. the concept of throwing one is but, the way they perform is just different so I've just learned to have all the same reels. but my clothes, shoes, etc, hardly ever matches :lol: saltwater is the same too :-D
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Re: Best spinning reels for 2018

Postby Juan » May 16th, 2018, 8:47 am

In over 50 years of fishing I've learned the only thing that matters to me is performance. Some of my rigs are color coordinated but most are bass rigs and it's just for looks and most don't perform as well as my UGLY mismatched rods and reels. My goal is to find the perfect combination of rod and reel that casts the longest distance so that my baits can cover more water hence catch more fish. I try to keep my purchases "affordable" and I'm not overly concerned about drag or weight and not at all worried about colors. I think I've tired at least one model of the majority of manufacturers and probably have 5 or 6 makes and models still on the shelf that I still use when the conditions fit. To date, I still don't think I've found the "perfect" set up so I'll keep buying and trying out something new until I do. So far, my best distance casting rigs consist of a quality store bought or custom made rod and a Shimano Stradic but the Kast Kings are hanging in there. :-D
I'd love to try a Shimano Stella but can't justify the $800... anyone want to loan me one? :-D
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Re: Best spinning reels for 2018

Postby silverking » May 16th, 2018, 11:11 am

Started with Penn reels 20+ years ago when I began guiding and the company was still family-owned. Rugged and bullet-proof but as newer technology and weight reduction emerged and Penn didn't keep up, I regrettably switched first to Fin-Nor and then Cabo. Both brands (now merged) have their positive attributes. Finally converted to Shimano and have stuck with them for a long time now. Have a new set of Stradic CI4+ 3000 reels which I love for trout, reds and flounder. Ridiculously light and plenty of line capacity and drag for inshore flats. Also have a full set of Stellas (and Metanium bait casters) which only see duty for tournaments. The older Stellas are smooth as polished granite but I probably wouldn't splurge for a replacement today, even with my bubba discounts.

With serious advances in graphite, carbon fiber and CNC machining there is no shortage of great reels currently available. I'd recommend determining your fishing style, weight tolerance, line capacity and drag performance to see which one is right for you. You can spend several bills apiece if you have unlimited discretionary income (or just won the PowerBall jackpot). But you really don't have to. :thumbup:
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