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Re: Scalloping......

Postby WetBandit » July 12th, 2019, 1:21 pm

MS closed their beaches due to the presence of blue-green algae. I get a little skeeved out about the flesh eating bacteria news but I take some comfort in the experts saying only the immuno-compromised are truly at risk. Unfortunately, with healing surgical wounds you would be among those at risk and probably wise to sit this season out while you are recovering or on heavy meds. I see a theme of delayed medical attention in the tragic stories. Waiting til tomorrow morning seems to be a recurring mistake. Heading to the ER or urgent care on a saturday night after being out in the sun all day sucks but it would probably save some limbs and lives if people took more precaution. Gary Droze posted something somewhat recently about a cut that started to turn and I've taken his advice and carry hand sanitizer in my bag now and get it right on any breaks in the skin that happen while I am out fishing, then triple neosporin as soon as I get home after washing thoroughly.
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Re: Scalloping......

Postby V20theellymay » July 12th, 2019, 6:11 pm

I always bring isopropyl alcohol with us on the boat and kayaks just to be safe. My wife tipped her kayak over and cut her hand on a oyster bar and we cleaned it right away and she had no issues at all.

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