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honda 130 parts

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honda 130 parts

Postby hairface » July 8th, 2020, 7:29 pm

I need help finding a fuel line for my honda 130 fuel injection model bzbe it is number eleven on parts page parts number 16750-zw5-000 goes from fuel pump to filter this line is unavailable from honda need a used one does anybody have a junk motor that would sale this line off of or know a boat junk yard I could call
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Re: honda 130 parts

Postby silverking » July 9th, 2020, 8:11 am

Try Shields Marina in St. Marks. They are a Honda dealer. Might have new or salvage part in stock.

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Re: honda 130 parts

Postby hairface » July 10th, 2020, 11:50 am

thanks for info but they had nothing, hoping some of our members might have one that's junked or knows someone that does
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Re: honda 130 parts

Postby DEMON » July 10th, 2020, 1:00 pm

Looks like typical fuel line / brake line parts. Some auto parts stores can make something like that. Connie Liles Auto Parts on Orange Ave in Tallahassee comes to mind. Do you have the bad one to copy?
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