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iangler NFGFC event

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iangler NFGFC event

Postby NFGFC » February 7th, 2020, 1:45 pm

We have some teams signed up and ready to go tomorrow!

I am working in the app today and if you have signed up correctly AND paid you will be getting a code emailed by tonight to your registered email to register your team in the iangler system

Please play around with it TONIGHT!!!!

There is no guarantee that we will be able to stop what we’re doing in the middle of the ocean tomorrow to answer your questions or to find out what issue you may have etc so please play around with it, watch the instructional videos etc.
and any questions that may pop up please message us, Facebook us, call us, text us anytime today/tonight as we’re up pretty late usually!

Any cheating is an automatic disqualification!
I know many think they won’t get caught but there’s lots of ways to quadruple check things with this app on the back end.

The most important thing to remember is if you have not submitted your picture by 3PM you will NOT be able to submit your picture as 3PM is the absolute cut off for ANY pics wanting to be submitted!!!!!

Please make sure your pics are clear and taken correctly which is overhead with the fish head pushed up to the angled ruler( no flat rulers)tail pinched, no obstructions!


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