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Can’t wait to see those fish!

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Can’t wait to see those fish!

Postby NFGFC » February 8th, 2020, 7:40 am

Here’s a little inspiration for today!


This fish won Gav $400 a few years back when he whipped all of us

We hope everyone has a good, safe, successful day on the water today.

I won’t be out there as our oldest is sick but I’ll be approving/rejecting the pics from home and I’ll meet up with everyone at the weigh in around 3pm.

Chris and Gavin WILL be fishing so if questions should arise feel free to contact me 1st so they can enjoy their fishing without many interruptions and if I for some reason don’t know the answer, I’ll find it

850-591-5143 call or text

Make sure you’re registered on the app before hitting the water just in case.
Also, if your cell service doesn’t work well we suggest taking pics and then uploading them when you get back to land but make sure it’s before 3pm
Cell service, dead battery etc are no excuse for submitting late.

You’re looking for your biggest red and your biggest trout today. The app will automatically upgrade your fish each time a bigger one is caught and submitted.

Have fun y’all!!!! Good luck!!!!

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