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NFGFC 2020 membership

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NFGFC 2020 membership

Postby NFGFC » February 10th, 2020, 9:47 am

Alright, alright our next tourney is scheduled for 2/29 out of Keaton

Get those memberships in and fish with us the whole year!

You get to fish 2 tourneys without being a member!

I do have a handful of people who have already paid their membership for the 2020 season, some even actually paid at the end of last year so I have to go in and get all that organized in the next few weeks.
PLEASE do not send money without a membership form being filled out, that part is the important part so I can set you up in the member section and I need that family info!

If you have paid a membership in the last four months or so please let me know so I can verify that I have it on my end.
Sometimes things get mixed all up when we’re paying for tournaments and paying for memberships etc. all at the same time so it takes me a little bit to go through it all but I don’t want to miss anybody[COLLISION SYMBOL]


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