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Status of Mashes Sands Boat Ramp?

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Re: Status of Mashes Sands Boat Ramp?

Postby StMarksAngler » June 22nd, 2019, 8:39 pm

I've been using Mashes Sands again since it reopened, pretty good shape. FYI bathrooms are still closed as of this morning, just a single port-a-potty.
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Re: Status of Mashes Sands Boat Ramp?

Postby JohnnyB » August 2nd, 2019, 12:25 am

I was there last week on 7/23 and it was nice, Several boats had launched. Plumbers were still working on the bathrooms. i watched for a while as I had just taken my boat down to get some work on it so I didn't launch, but those that did had no problem. Will be back there real soon.
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Re: Status of Mashes Sands Boat Ramp?

Postby onefishtwofish » August 2nd, 2019, 3:56 pm

I did not see it last weekend, but someone cut the corner too close and I was told it was a mess. :x
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Re: Status of Mashes Sands Boat Ramp?

Postby silverking » August 2nd, 2019, 5:05 pm

I'm sure they called Wakulla County Parks and Recreation to give their name and billing address to pay for damages. :roll:
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