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Union of Glock G40 MOS 10mm, a small rail mounted green LED

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Union of Glock G40 MOS 10mm, a small rail mounted green LED

Postby Big Bend Brian » Yesterday, 11:53 am

I’ve been working through finding a suitable red dot for my Glock G40 MOS 10mm that will allow me to shoot under low light conditions (still legal shooting time) and at night hog hunting. Up until now I’ve had a 3 MOA Vortex Venom that has worked quite well with the exception of under low light conditions. Under low light the red dot appears to “starburst” and the dot seems quite large and distorted making the red dot cover up a large portion of the animal. I’ve had to pass up an 8 point buck I’ve been trying to shoot for weeks and a large hog with the Glock as I didn’t feel comfortable shooting them under low light conditions.

Looking at the 2.5 MOA Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and the 1 MOA Trijicon RMR I finally decided on getting the Trijicon with its smaller MOA dot and it has solved my low light problem. In fact, at the lowest setting it’s difficult to see the red dot and because the optics must be of higher quality it doesn’t “starburst” as much as the Venom did (obviously it’s a smaller red dot too). Despite the 1 MOA size you can also crank up the brightness and its VERY viewable during daylight.

So…. yesterday morning I was in my portable one man chair blind and one hour before sunrise a large white pig comes through but doesn’t stick around. Twenty minutes later it comes back and standing 8 yards away it faces me probably thinking something is awry. It goes behind me and cuts my trail and I’m thinking so much for that pig…. 35 minutes before sunrise another large pig comes through and I settle into my shooting sticks and turn on the $18 small green LED light mounted on the Glock rail. This small inexpensive green LED light is really too powerful and it’s on par with my larger more expensive green LED lights. To decrease it’s intensity I use a single layer of toilet paper to cover the light. I then make a small tear in the paper to allow a sliver of green light to peak through.

With the pig well lit up and not bothered in the least I take a head shot at 23 yards and it’s DRT.
The Hornady 180 gr XTP enters below the left eye and exits out under the right ear.
The SMALL rail mounted green LED light is powerful.

Hogs are a big nuisance where I hunt and with this small green light it adds another dimension of handgun hunting.

In case anyone is interested in this $18 rail mounted 100 lumen green LED light below is the Amazon link. It’s an awesome small green LED light that attaches to rails:
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B8 ... UTF8&psc=1
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Re: Union of Glock G40 MOS 10mm, a small rail mounted green

Postby DEMON » Yesterday, 1:47 pm

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Re: Union of Glock G40 MOS 10mm, a small rail mounted green

Postby WetBandit » Today, 1:40 pm

Awesome! I love seeing the handgun hunting posts. What sort of shooting sticks do you use with the Glock?
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