Fishing Goals & Resolutions - 2020!

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Fishing Goals & Resolutions - 2020!

Post by FishWithChris »

2020 has already made a heck of an entrance, with weather anomalies and some QUALITY numbers of fish being caught. I always try and list 3 things to scratch off the list for the year, with no particular order: Tarpon (landed & hands on, not just leader touch), Peacock Bass, and... Permit?

And of course, exploring more of our waters in the state (and maybe LA) - thankfully FMT gives me a boost of confidence travelling elsewhere (had to SK! :lol: )

What are some of your goals or targeted species this year?
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Re: Fishing Goals & Resolutions - 2020!

Post by Juan »

I have only two goals: Have fun and don't sink. :-D
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Re: Fishing Goals & Resolutions - 2020!

Post by silverking »

Ambitious list. Challenging but achievable. Good luck.

I've already checked those off my bucket list yet surprisingly there wasn't a FMT within a hundred miles. In fact, we didn't even have a GPS or VHF aboard the jon boat in the Amazon rainforest and we somehow managed to survive. :wink: The fresh jaguar tracks on that sandbar were a little nerve-racking, though.
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Re: Fishing Goals & Resolutions - 2020!

Post by JeffB »

I just want to fish more. Don't really care about what fish I catch.
Although, I would like to catch a cobia.
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Re: Fishing Goals & Resolutions - 2020!

Post by WetBandit »

1st cobia would be awesome. 1st snook too. I'd also like to find more opportunities to give my fishing bow some work.
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