Grilling fish????

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Re: Grilling fish????

Post by silverking »

countrycorners wrote:Brush the fillet with olive oil, sprinkle on a mixture of brown sugar & Old Bay seasoning.
That sounds good. Love Old Bay, so I'll have to try that.

I use Cajun Magic on redfish on the grill. Doesn't get as seared as a red-hot skillet but still tasty.

A buddy of mine in MS separates the filet from the skin/scales and washes it before laying it back on the grill on top of the skin to cook. Says that method results in a better taste. Haven't followed his suggestion yet.

Hey bman, can you move this thread to the Recipes section so it'll be easier to find for future reference?
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Re: Grilling fish????

Post by big bend gyrene »

Hit-n-Miss wrote:
big bend gyrene wrote:Love blackened redfish on the grill and often cook cobia the exact same way (blackened in very hot cast iron skillet heated on the grill at highest setting)...
Can you use blackened seasoning without skillet?
Absolutely. Won't actually be as "blackened" as with the hot cast iron skillet method, but flavor still can be very good. When trying to be a bit more healthy I've used the same seasonings (usually Redfish Magic or homemade blackening mix) with fish cooked directly on the grill as well as fish cooked in the oven.

Semi-related note, one of my favorite things to cook with fish is grilled freshly-cut pineapple slices. Just drizzle a little bit of honey on the slices (cut about 1/2" thick), sprinkle just a tad of cinnamon on the slices, and throw them on the grill long enough to give them grill marks and in the process caramelize the natural sugars in the pineapple and the honey. Really,, REALLY good! :lick: :beer:
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Re: Grilling fish????

Post by Carlabear »

I use reynolds non stick alum foil and punch holes in it to allow smoke to come uo through foil. spray foil with non stick spray also.Rub any fish with olive oil salt and pepper. Dust fish with angeloes charbroil seasoning. My favorite. Slice onions and top fish. Cook on grill till firm. Dont have to turn fish delicious. We use gas grill. Webers. Grill grouper. Skinless filets. Anyfish will do. Purchase charbroil seasoning at Angeloes restaurant in Panacea
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Re: Grilling fish????

Post by Big Tim »

I also use the aluminum foil tent trick. The foil kind of steams the filets plus lets them soak in the delicious drippings. Place a couple of filets on foil, ad ingredients, fold the foil into a tent with venting at the top, cook on grill or smoker, takes about 10-15 minutes to cook depending on thickness at around 325-350. I vary the ingredients but my go to is olive oil, lemon pepper, a little butter and a little salt. Old Bay or Cajun Rub is good if you want a little spicier filet.
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Re: Grilling fish????

Post by Danibeth »

Depends on the fish....tuna steaks I like to sear them with a cajun or creole seasoning on each side, put it on a sammich with spicy mayo and maybe some onion...bread has been toasted.

One of my favorite ways to cook flounder was with butter, pepper and a splash of tequila in a nice hot pan, but I bet the same principle could be applied to the grill...I don't get flounder very often so didn't experiment much with it

I love redfish on the half shell and have played around with lots of different ways to include the blackening seasoning or butter and cajun seasoning but some of the standout half shells were ones that were coated with a mix of olive oil, shallots, dill, cilantro, lemon zest and lemon juice and thyme....another delicious half shell was grilled with the fish sprinkled with some salt and pepper and then covered with a mix of thinly sliced orange pieces, sliced fresh figs from my tree and slices of red onion....

salmon with blackening seasoning either grilled or oven baked is outstanding....add in some mango avocado salsa and it is roll in it delicious
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Re: Grilling fish????

Post by milto »

Ok, thank me later but here it is...

Redfish on the halfshell as well. Create what I call a paste with mayo, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper, garlic powder, and choice of spice (I like Tony's). Spread the "paste" on the red and grill or bake until the it creates a golden brown crust! :lick:
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Re: Grilling fish????

Post by Red Beard »

milto wrote:Ok, thank me later but here it is...

Redfish on the halfshell as well. Create what I call a paste with mayo, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper, garlic powder, and choice of spice (I like Tony's). Spread the "paste" on the red and grill or bake until the it creates a golden brown crust! :lick:
I got some hawg fish I’m going to try this on. Thanks for sharing.

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