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Re: Boat Flooring Question -

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I used the knock off stuff from Amazon as well. It’s only been on the boat less than a year, but is holding up nice. No problem walking on it barefooted, it also absorbs noise and cleans up pretty easily. Install is a bit a pain, I mean it cuts and goes down easily but I cant draw a straight line with a ruler soo..
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Re: Boat Flooring Question -

Post by STMU »

I went a different route on my alweld. I'm not the cleanest boat owner and didn't like how gross the seadek/turf stuff would get. Super comfy on the feet, but I was worried about mud/grass/slime/fish bits, and whatever would be deposited on the floor while fishing or throwing a net. I went with Interlux top coat nonskid deck paint in creme color with a white primer base. It stayed cool on the feet despite being aluminum but not blinding like straight white, and gave me all the grip I needed. Easy to clean with a garden hose, or just a wet towel on the way back to the ramp. Held up for about 8 years without any issues.

I also added kiwi grip paint to the front deck where I spend most of my time. Unlike spray-on liners, it's a one-part compound, so no separation problems between the medium and substrate. It's just paint, and you use a special roller to add texture. Very common among sailboats. Easy application, and maintenance is a breeze. If it starts to wear, you just sand and repaint. No pealing old paint with paint stripper, nasty chemicals, or having to redo the whole boat. I got about 6 years out of the kiwi grip, and spent 30 minutes applying the second coat. I expect to get another 6 years out of this one.

The initial prep work is labor intensive, and the primer, paint, and kiwi grip paint aren't cheap, although neither is seadek. It also lasts a long time, and don't think I'll ever need to repaint the boat during its life.

I also know someone who used those large kids playschool mats, that connect like puzzle pieces. Those are so cheap, that you can just peel a piece off and replace it when needed. Might not be the look some want, but for a pure no frills fishing boat, it's great.
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Re: Boat Flooring Question -

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Steve Stinson wrote:
BBB - Which flooring is in the bass boat in your pics?

Thanks - Steve Stinson
Its the Blacktip turf.

Snow Camo was the color

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Steve Stinson
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Re: Boat Flooring Question -

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Thanks - I will see what Black Tip offers. I tried to order some Hydro Turf, but they are backordered on the light grey.

- Steve Stinson
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Re: Boat Flooring Question -

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Steve Stinson wrote: August 18th, 2022, 8:12 am Thanks - I will see what Black Tip offers. I tried to order some Hydro Turf, but they are backordered on the light grey.

- Steve Stinson

I’m not sure if the other brands, but I’ve had light grey and fake teak sea deck. The light grey was a bear to clean( had to use magic eraser)..Seemed to pick up every little bit of dirt/mud. The fake teak doesn’t show dirt nearly as badly. Same w the camo, it won’t show dirt as bad. Good luck
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Re: Boat Flooring Question -

Post by silverking »

You may have already made a decision/purchase, but I will throw this out there. Not a fan of the Seadeck or knock-offs, at least on the poling platform. The texture won't allow you to slide your feet like you can on non-skid. Difficult to clean, too. I would not put it on another boat.

The solution STMU is talking about is a great option. Durable, easy to apply and easy to clean. And it'll hold up even to your hard abuse. :wink:
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