Alligator Point 3/16/21

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Alligator Point 3/16/21

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I took my kids and the neighborhood friends to Alligator Point. We parked at the last public parking area across the road from the bayside boat ramp; about halfway down the point. Last year, we tore up the grunts, sand trout, whiting, and reds. I was expecting the same thing this year. We fished for three hours and didn’t get a single nibble! We tried frozen shrimp, fishbites, and Gulps. The conditions were much different this year. The bottom was muddy, the surf was rough, the wind was howling, and the water felt colder. Also, I didn’t see any birds crashing bait or boats trolling/cruising along the beach. Any idea when the surf fishing at Alligator Point will get good?
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Re: Alligator Point 3/16/21

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it think it was Poseidon himself that blessed you the first time...I think he is just requiring some respect/tribute....I would just keep going till the moons align again for you and once again you are blessed...
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