St Marks fishing and crabbing from land?

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St Marks fishing and crabbing from land?

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Hello everyone. We just moved to Woodville and I want to get started fishing and crabbing! I grew up fishing redfish, speckle trout, black drum, and croaker in rockerfella refuge out in Louisiana. I also did a lot of crabbing in that area. I don't have a boat and won't be able to get one for a while.

We want to hit.up St. marks first then work our way to alligator point and bald park in the future. Where have you had luck bringing in the crabs and redfish in st marks? I've been there one time, we caught some crabs off an old boat dock and some family members fished off the corner of a walkway out in the water. I'm scoping it out on Google Earth so I can use coordinates if necessary.

I really want to make sure we don't fish/crab in any unauthorized areas.
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Re: St Marks fishing and crabbing from land?

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Hickory Mound can be a good crabbing spot

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Re: St Marks fishing and crabbing from land?

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Try ST marks light house area. There are old pilings reachable by wade Fish’n that produce. Also the boat ramp channel has a rocky,oyster bar jetty that produces. Any moving tide is good
Good luck
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