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North Florida Redfish Series Panacea Results

Posted: May 2nd, 2021, 11:35 pm
Big CONGRATS to all our winners this weekend!
Over $5700 was paid out in cash and prizes!!!!

We successfully launched 32 teams from Rock Landing and they did not disappoint!!!!

1st place 13.52#- Doug Tran and John Hinsey (Connect the Dots)

2nd 12.27#- Michael Cowart and Brad Hounshell (TH Marine)

3rd place 11.79#- Billy Roberts and Tanner Plouffe (Team Wakulla)

4th place 11.41#- Shawn Weathersby and David Hendrickson (Saltwater Connection Charters)

5th place 11.29#- Kevin Lee Iferd and Dennis Iferd (Team Iferd)

Big Red 7.12#-Doug Tran and John Hinsey

Junior angler 4.33#- Blake Roberts

$900 1st place Angler rewards- Doug Tran and John Hinsey

$540 2nd place Angler rewards- Michael Cowart and Brad Houshnell

$360 3rd place Angler Rewards- Billy Roberts and Tanner Plouffe

Get ready for another one in just 20 days at the St Andrew’s Marina in Panama City, Florida