JUMBO Shrimp

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JUMBO Shrimp

Post by Saltydawg »

I’ve been seeing on the Sea Hag Marina’s weekly newsletter pictures of absolutely HUGE shrimp they say are being castnetted. Not much of a castnetter and really haven’t fished Steinhatchee much this time of year but have been fishing Steinhatchee 50+ years and never seen anything like this. Anybody know how and where they are finding these giants?
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Re: JUMBO Shrimp

Post by fishinfool »

Maybe the folks at Sea Hag would be willing to share some information.
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Re: JUMBO Shrimp

Post by doomtrpr_z71 »

Best as I can tell those big shrimp have been coming south of steinhatchee around pepper fish and further south.

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Re: JUMBO Shrimp

Post by flatsbroke22 »

I heard them mention around the Suwannee River area.
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Re: JUMBO Shrimp

Post by tabb »

That was the name of a band that played in the Albany area back about 10-15 years ago.

One member was a big fellow and the other a small person ( midget).

They were really good.
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Re: JUMBO Shrimp

Post by Bottomtime »

I was in Steinhatchee on the 4th and talked with one of my Uncles that lives in Horseshoe Beach. He said they were catching them in the channel heading out of Horseshoe. He showed me a picture of a cooler full and the biggest ones looked to be 8-9 inches long.
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Re: JUMBO Shrimp

Post by BloodyChamp »

A friend of mine who is a Taylor County native, who is also one of the few people I consider a remarkable fisherman, has caught them from there his whole life. If I told you how you’d laugh lol! I didn’t believe him until he showed me. This is the first year I’ve heard it repeated more than once though, not counting them showing up in random places after hurricanes.
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