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Re: Adios

Post by silverking »

Thanks for the well wishes all. We picked up my skiff Monday after my wife got her second vaccine and it is now tucked mostly into its new boat barn. I have some modifications to do to it and will finish off the one end for a tackle room/man & dog cave. It will be so nice to have it at the house where I can service it, load it up and be ready for the next trip. Looking forward to our maiden adventure before it gets too hot for the first mate.

We're absolutely loving the house and area. Family close by and the neighbors are very friendly. I'll always have fond memories of my time in the Big Bend, but very excited about this new chapter.

Will share some reports at a later date.

Tight lines!
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Re: Adios

Post by doomtrpr_z71 »

Enjoy going home, that was the best part about losing my job in mo, I hope it is a great retirement.
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Re: Adios

Post by woopty »

Tight lines SK...

Thanks for all the guidance over the years...Much appreciated.

Retire well...

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