Smithwick Devil's Horse, rated #1 in reptile taste tests

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J Holden
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Smithwick Devil's Horse, rated #1 in reptile taste tests

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Got out of class around 7 and decided to hit up one of my favorite little forest ponds for a few minutes of fishing before sunset. I don't usually get a lot of fish or any monsters but it's consistently worth at least a few fish every trip. I call it Gator Pond, on account of there being 15+ gators in this tiny pond. Strangely, this pond's sister pond nearby that is about the same size has not a one. Anyway, was twitching my favorite Devil's Horse on the surface and this guy swims over quick as a flash and nails it. He would be the 2nd gator I've hooked there on this same lure. Managed to get him unhooked and sent him on his way none the worse for wear.


Managed 5 fish before leaving, this one was edging on decent.

And this monster :lol:

With this drought the fish in these little national forest ponds are hard up and smash anything that moves on top.
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Re: Smithwick Devil's Horse, rated #1 in reptile taste tests

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Always wondered if someone had ever caught a gator while fishing! Nice bass too, never had any luck with top waters. :beer: :beer:
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