All the gar you care to catch...

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All the gar you care to catch...

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Spent Father's Day @ Mom's place on the O-River and went hunting bass. The recent rise and fall of the river has caused some of my marked dead-falls to shift so after a couple of lost worm hooks I switched over to Top Water...didn't take long for the action to start. I landed several gar, including my biggest ever at approximately 4 feet. I could barely get my hand around it's middle. The kids loved touching the rough armor-like scales and ooh'ed ad ahh'ed at the sharp teeth.

Not a single bass was to be had, nor were any photos taken - but seeing the kids amazement at the endless stream of gar I landed made what might have otherwise gone down as a failure of a fishing trip seem pretty sweet.

Stinkin' old gar...could have at least let ONE bass get to the pop-r... HA!
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