Apalahicola National Forest 10-24-15

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Location, date, time, water conditions, weather conditions, baits, techniques, species caught, etc.

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Red Dawg
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Apalahicola National Forest 10-24-15

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Found a few nice secluded ponds in the ANF. Fished one Sunday afternoon around 4:00. No luck for me but my son hooked a nice 6-7 pound largemouth. Caught on a white fluke with no weight I threw a simulated crawfish all afternoon with nothing! Oh well, at least Im the one who taught him how to fish!
J Holden
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Re: Apalahicola National Forest 10-24-15

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ANF doesn't have a lot of ponds compared to other areas in the state but there are a few good ones. When the water gets low you could slay them, there were two off Springhill that I used to fish a few years ago in college that were dried up to being only a couple feet deep and half their normal size and you could catch fish on topwater any time of day. Now they're all flooded and the fish are 40 feet back into the woods where you can't hardly get to a lot of them.
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