Lake Jackson 1-3-2016

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Lake Jackson 1-3-2016

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Super late post!
My buddy and I launched from Rhoden Cove at 7 am. Air temp from what I recall was in the high 30's- low 40's. Wind was about 5-6 mph. Overcast with the sun breaking through occasionally. None of our usual honey holes were showing much production so we decided to try fishing the shallows of Meginnis arm. To some it looks as if it blocked off right when you plane in from the main lake but if you trim your motor over the vegetation you should glide right over. Beware: it is pretty shallow at the entrance and heavily matted until you get to the middle of it. Ryan fished it last week and caught a few bass and met another couple of fishermen in there who were slaying bass on frogs right on the weedline. We didn't slay them today but we did manage 3 bass (2 keepers). Ryan caught his 2 on a weightless baby bass zoom fluke and I caught my one on a baby bass Senko weightless and weedless. All bass were caught hovering near weedlines. First fish of the new year!

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Lake Jackson 1-3-2016

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Eating fish from Mcginnis arm. Your a brave man. Before the lake returned I fished there a lot from my yak. Loved the fishing, but after a rain it smelled like someone flushed a toilet. Its a direct drainage from the mall area. I've eaten a lot of fish from Jackson, but never Mcginnis arm.

Thanks for the report. It looks like a fun trip.
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