Bassin' With The Bman

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big bend gyrene
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Bassin' With The Bman

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You would think when a guy asks you if he can take his 81 year old father fishing on your pond that the goal would be to show the father a good time and put him on some fish.

In this case you'd be WRONG! Bman did in fact call me up and ask if he could take his Dad fishing at my place, but little did I know that Bman's actual plan was to treat his Dad like he was a hapless guest on the "Beat Charlie Moore" show, down to hiding the lure of the day whenever his Dad was in the vicinity. Sad but true.

Versus typing any more, I'll let video tell the story first hand. Lucky as Bman is, I even formatted the clip so that he's now got his own show... tune might sound familiar for those 45 and older. ;-) Hope the powers that be at YouTube will leave it up long enough for forum members to enjoy. :lol:[/video]
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Re: Bassin' With The Bman

Post by kenfly »

Looks like a blast!

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Re: Bassin' With The Bman

Post by bman »

It was a ton of fun- John I cant say thank you enough for your hospitality!
And truth be told, and you know I'm telling the truth, I'd rather have seen my dad catch all of them.
Next time!
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