Renewing your fishing line - Question

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Renewing your fishing line - Question

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Hi Guys, I’m 70 and haven’t fished in about 5 years, my last line was the red Cajun stuff that was popular for that minute in time…. so I’m guessing it’s time to refresh the line… I use the interweb to ask about line life…… Manufacturers and fishermen say replace every year, BUT, BUT, Scientists studying the ocean say it lasts (600 YEARS) before it degrades,,,, say What?…. I admit, I’ve fished with really old line before and caught fish, so I really gotta ask,…. did I replace my line 595 years too soon? How long does it really last? Mono, not braid, which I hear really does last forever…
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Re: Renewing your fishing line - Question

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The issue will be UV breakdown making the line brittle.. pull out out some fresh line off the spool and test it, if it snaps way to easy change it.

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Re: Renewing your fishing line - Question

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Because mono is pretty cheap, I would just replace it. Not worth losing some fish to broken line, and much easier to swap it at home than on the water. But I mostly use braid now, and it does last a lot longer.
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