Personal Fishing report Oct 9, 2021

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Personal Fishing report Oct 9, 2021

Post by deer30084 »

Fished in the bay east of the lighthouse. Low tide, lots of floating grass. Fished in 2-5 feet of water. Caught several small trout on Gulp and popn' cork. Top water and suspending lures dragged in grass. Buddy caught a sail cat and two legal trout, 15 and 17 inchers.
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Re: Personal Fishing report Oct 9, 2021

Post by squiffynole »

Oh man, I see there was a -0.3 tide around noon today the launch basin by the lighthouse must have been super low. In any case I enjoy the fishing reports thank you.
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Personal Fishing report Oct 9, 2021

Post by Red Beard »

Rather be on the water than anywhere else. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Personal Fishing report Oct 9, 2021

Post by slow motion »

I was out there Saturday and Sunday. Launched at the lighthouse. Definitely not much water. Caught a lot of short trout and some short bsb Saturday with bonnetheads, sailcats and such mixed in. West flats. Sunday fished midday. Went out behind the party bars and fish were busting bait on top. Got cut off a couple times so maybe some Spanish. There were Jacks in the mix too. Only ones who stayed on all the way to the boat were lady fish. Came back in and fished west flats for a half hour but no luck there. Shark got my only pinfish. Tried catching another and ended up with a pigfish bigger than a lot of the bluegill I have cleaned. Seemed too big so let it go. No fish for dinner but still a good day.
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Re: Personal Fishing report Oct 9, 2021

Post by PhishingNole »

We went out Sunday and fished east flats.

Stayed in 3-8' because the wind was cranking and I was a bit worried about the low tide sneaking up on me. Didn't bring a drift sock and really regretted that as we were drifting fast.

Decided to try live shrimp (free line and popping) and caught a ton of catfish, ladyfish, and small sea bass. Only caught two trout on the live shrimp.

We pulled in a bunch of small trout and five slots with paddle tails on trout eye jigs heads. My 7 y/o son hauled in a 19" trout. On his med/light rod it was like pulling in a monster.

Most of our trout were caught in 5-6' and we didn't catch a single one till about 11 despite being on the water at 7:30. My wife is starting to reconsider her agreement to wake up early on fishing days. ;-)

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