.40S&W reloading and other components, pistols, brass, powder

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.40S&W reloading and other components, pistols, brass, powder

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I don't shoot as much as I did when I was younger and have decided that I need clean out the multi-year hoard of stuff. Not looking to make a profit on any of it, just send it down the line
This Batch
.40S&W reloading supplies. $200 for all the bullets and brass below.
  • 1750 bullets - Missouri Bullet Company lead bullets IDPA #9 155 Grain SWC = $100
    Rainier ballistics .40 RNFP 165gr Copper plated - 1500 bullets = $100
    200 New in Bag Starline .40S&W brass - $30
    all my once fired .40S&W cases - probably 500 or more = Free with the bullets
LongShot Pistol/Shotgun powder - at least 3 to 5 one pound jars, $25/lb

Also probably will be selling one or two .40S&W M&P pistols. Price to be negotiated - contact for details.

Big Bend area in person meetup or actual shipping costs.

Next up - things I still need to price
-thousands of 5.56 brass (once fired) and bullets
-500 - 38SPL Cases - Starline, New I think
-Hundreds of 9mm bullets (mostly Missouri Bullet Company) and cases
- Reloading Dies - Dillon, Lee for various calibers including .40S&W

If you have a need for something specific, please PM and I'll see what I can find.
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