April 6 and 7th

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April 6 and 7th

Post by fishfalcon »

Went fishing this weekend and with the wind and the low water it was tough. We caught mostly short trout on a variety of gulp and soft plastics but managed five legal fish to 19" on Saturday with a bonus spanish. Sunday was nothing but shorts and a short spanish. Water was 66 degrees and tannin stained west of St Marks. Fished mostly 4-6 feet of water. Pretty weekend but I had hoped for better fishing.
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Re: April 6 and 7th

Post by fishinfool »

It's like that sometimes, but I always enjoy being on the water and seeing the sights. I'm glad you were able to get out and catch a few. :thumbup: :thumbup:
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Re: April 6 and 7th

Post by geofish »

Same for me on Sunday. I feel like I don't have a good strategy for picking spots to fish on the flats east of the lighthouse. I try to drift across different depths, and sometimes I wander into a school & sometimes I come up empty. Not asking for your spots, but anyone have a better strategy?
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Re: April 6 and 7th

Post by doomtrpr_z71 »

Bonus Spanish are always welcome! At least it was pretty and better than what I did ImageImage


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Re: April 6 and 7th

Post by ropeman »

My girlfriend and I went Saturday. Got to the Lighthouse ramp about 10:30 and had just enough water to get the boat out. Fished around the Long Bar and in the East River with no good bites. Headed over toward Wakulla Beach and started catching some short Reds and Trout. Ended the day with one Red at 23". It was a beautiful day.
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