Water clarity around Keaton

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Re: Water clarity around Keaton

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Got it , hopefully you will take my apology. The St Andrews event I was unaware of.
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Re: Water clarity around Keaton

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No problem. My wife signed us up for these events. I should have put something on here so more people might have participated. We plan on getting one of the baskets in the spring to help with the research. Trying to teach our kids about helping to preserve our natural resources. My daughter is looking at persuing a career in marine biology.
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Re: Water clarity around Keaton

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https://www.halfhitch.com/stores/florid ... drew-s-bay

Looks like a great event. Get out and help as opposed to sit home and complain. Way to go. :thumbup:
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Re: Water clarity around Keaton

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I hope the predator exclusion cages will keep sea urchins out. From what I’ve seen, they get more scallops than people.

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