Hickory Mound launch

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Re: Hickory Mound launch

Post by cotton »

Hickory mounds in the winter is just like everywhere else. Creeks fed by springs, warm water sources, or deeper holes will be productive. Suspending lures and swimming jigs should work with a long pause.

My guess is the reason your not seeing boats is your not fishing a creek with the features above. Those creeks will usually have several boats in them.

I also throw live shrimp in the winter because I often get a surprise sheepshead.
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Re: Hickory Mound launch

Post by BloodyChamp »

I was fishing off of the bank in the infamous, but unfortunately becoming more famous, spot. I guess I should have included that info lol! I guess if boats were off in creeks I wouldn’t see them but I’ve never seen a boat out towards the ocean no matter what time of year it is. Ever. Meanwhile it being so warm since Christmas I wouldn’t have guessed that they were grouped up so tight even if they were going in and out of the creeks.
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Re: Hickory Mound launch

Post by mpa_72001 »

Quite a few good places to fish there. U just gotta learn where they are.ive caught a many trout and reds off the bank there on artificial plus a snook .
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Re: Hickory Mound launch

Post by ropeman »

i just noticed this post and it makes my want to paddle around some. (once the water warms up!)
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