Flamingo Fish’n

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Flamingo Fish’n

Post by Greenbone »

I’m wintering in Lake Placid Fl. , as Srbenda says ‘fresh water sucks’. My buddy Henry and I headed down to ENP for a few days of fish’n since travel time was little over 3 hours .Juvenile snook were everywhere , so were the jacks, lady fish and cats. We fished inside, outside and even ventured north to Harney River . If you have never been, this place should be in your bucket. Weather was perfect, water temp mid to high 70’s, mosquitoes were almost nonexistent if you could believe it. Round every bend was like a postcard picture. Trout were plentiful, reds, mangroves, spanish, black drum and even some triple tail were boated.
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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by redcodefsu »

Great pictures. I grew up down there. Hoping to make it back this summer.
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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by FishWithChris »

That had to be an incredible trip, love that water! Hoping to make it down next year (or maybe this fall!)

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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by doomtrpr_z71 »

I fished around everglades city from the bank and I'm ready to go back to fish it for real, looks like y'all had a blast.
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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by fishinfool »

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: I am glad y'all had a beautiful and productive trip.
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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by kenfly »

Wow! Great trip! Looks like a lot of fun, making me wanna take a long fishing trip , it’s been a while

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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by DEMON »

Was there the week before Christmas. Me my Son and some other friends rented 2 houseboats out of Flamingo. We anchored up in Whitewater Bay for 4 days. Nice to fish all day & come back & tie the boat up and step on to the houseboat. Didn't touch dry land the whole time. Caught trout, reds & snook. Been wanting to do it for years and wasn't disappointed in the least. Definitely going back to do that again. Gonna try to make it to Hell's Bay next time.
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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by silverking »

Thanks for the report and reminder. It is a special place. I fished the backcountry, out front and Chocko quite a bit when I lived in South Florida for awhile. Lots of opportunities.

A good buddy and I went back a couple years ago and camped on the chickees. Wind was howling the entire time. We did fish Hell's Bay, but it was absolutely barren. Much better action closer to Whitewater. The big tarpon will also be in there now for a month or two. Definitely a bucket list spot, for sure.
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Re: Flamingo Fish’n

Post by Red Beard »

Thanks for sharing. Looks like this was a great time had by all. Have to get down there and chase some scales..

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