Huge Disappointment

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Huge Disappointment

Post by TOWM »

Yesterday, I hooked into the biggest trout I ever laid eyes on! Unfortunately, the hook came out before we could get the net under it :(
The trout was easily 26-27” long. Big yellow mouth. Thick as a loaf of bread.
I hooked the trout in 5-6’ of water halfway between the Lighthouse and the sandbar. It hit a live pinfish under a cork with 36” leader.

The other trout we caught liked a green colored paddle tail shad retrieved fast enough to keep it off the bottom. No other colors elicited a strike.
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Re: Huge Disappointment

Post by DixieReb »

Those big trout get big by being smart, they seem to know how to throw hooks better than the rest. :( Live pins are the best bait for bigguns, go out and try to catch you another one! :wink:
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Re: Huge Disappointment

Post by ropeman »

Sounds like a great fight! Too bad you couldn't get it in the boat. I was out there looking for fish yesterday. Saw some hitting the top of the water, but couldn't get any on the hook.
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Red Beard
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Re: Huge Disappointment

Post by Red Beard »

That’s the way she goes man.. good news though. The cooler weather coming will bring the big girls in. You will have another shot at a gator.

Couple winters back I lost two PB’s back to back right at the boat. Big trout definitely fight different than the smaller younger brethren. When trout fishing I loosen my drag up and let the rod do the work; remind myself not to horse them in.

“Slow it down.. Enjoy the fight..” is what my grandpa always told me.

Good luck on getting your retribution..

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Re: Huge Disappointment

Post by SHOWBOAT »

Big trout have vicious head shakes, but usually only good for one run if you don’t put a ton of pressure on them. Xtra fast rod and loose. The drag. Let them wallow.
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Re: Huge Disappointment

Post by Fishbster12 »

Thanks for the report, you will get her soon. Nice job!
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Re: Huge Disappointment

Post by BloodyChamp »

Hot dang I know the feeling. But I’ve learned that something that I used to have just plain backwards. If you lost 1, that means there’s another 1 out there. Then if you lose him there’s another etc etc etc. I used to think it was just impossible to hook a trophy more than every so often. That’s been proved wrong in my boat many times. If I could just keep from losing them now I’ll be set lol!
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