Texas Eye jig heads

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Texas Eye jig heads

Post by PhishingNole »

I started to put this in the fishing report thread, but decided this might be worth its own thread.

Grass remained thick this weekend and traditional jig heads tend to snag a lot of grass.

Ive been using a Texas eye jig head to try and mitigate the grass. It does a great job of staying weedless (works especially well with ZMan Diesel Minnows) and it generates a lot of strikes, but I feel like I miss a lot of fish and I also feel like I gut hook a LOT more compared to the standard jig heads.

Anyone else use these and gut hook more than traditional jig heads? I love the weedless nature, but I killed a 14" trout that swallowed the damn thing and I could not get it out without killing the fish.

Other thoughts on them?

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Re: Texas Eye jig heads

Post by doomtrpr_z71 »

I haven't had issues with them swallowing the hook with the tx eye but I usually fish them with trout tricks so they have more to try and swallow than a regular paddle tail.

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