Turkey opener

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Turkey opener

Post by onefishtwofish »

Good luck tomorrow to anyone chasing turkey.

Took my great nephew last Sunday and put 7 birds in gun range (6 jakes and 1 gobbler). The gobbler and 2 of the jakes hammered at 30 yards. It was pretty crazy with that many eyes and he missed the bird. Bummer.
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Re: Turkey opener

Post by Danibeth »

Bummer for your great nephew. I hate when I miss birds. Was he suffering turkey fever?

I went out Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was ooky and cold and no turkey wanted to talk to me. That evening, when I ran Belle out at the quail lease, she nailed a flock of turkeys (of course). The girl worked the turkeys like a well trained bird dog should (we are still working on the well trained part).


Sunday I heard lots of gobbling and I tried to get one to cooperate but not a single one wanted to. When the wind picked up, I headed home and grabbed Belle to head out to the quail lease to let her run with other dogs and see about finding quail. A couple other folk were still there training. Belle doesn't back/honor other dogs very well and we are working on that (she can only be run with one or two dogs out there that are very steady since most everyone I train with has mostly younger dogs) but she is steady enough that she is often used for younger dogs to teach them backing.



One of the guys left to head home and called me about ten minutes later. He hit a gobbler with his truck (he knows I love turkey hunting). Shattered his windshield and put glass all over the passenger side seat. Nice two year old gobbler....his first turkey.

So, it was an interesting weekend for me

Me: 0
Belle: 1
Turkeys: 2
Toyota: 1
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