New trick for grouper

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New trick for grouper

Post by geofish »

I caught this seafood platter from 18 to 35 feet of water waiting for the fog to burn off & the wind to die down (never did). I didn't catch my usual load of pinfish for the livewell, so I tried cutbait, squid, etc. What did the trick for this 28 inch gag was a white z-man chatterbait with a grey gulp minnow, dropped straight down & fished like a vertical jig. I caught a smaller gag 2 minutes later doing the same thing. I had one palm-sized grunt in the livewell so I dropped it down looking for a really big gag, but alas just caught a 23.5 incher. Still fun.
All in all a good day on the water.Image

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Re: New trick for grouper

Post by DixieReb »

:thumbup: :thumbup: Nice fishes!! That is a nice doormat you caught, too!
Yours in the South
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Re: New trick for grouper

Post by fishinfool »

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Re: New trick for grouper

Post by silverking »

Those filets will be a nice change from turkey leftovers. Good job!
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Re: New trick for grouper

Post by Big Tim »

If you were fishing for taste you hit a pretty darn good trifecta. I like almost any kind of fish but grouper, flounder and snapper are right up there with my favorites. Nice catch.
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Re: New trick for grouper

Post by Tide-Dancer »

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Re: New trick for grouper

Post by procraftwes »

Surprising they are that shallow but I guess water temps don't really reflect outside temps right now(warm mostly).

A+ work captain. salute3
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